Known as one of the most innovative garden glove brands in the industry, ClipGlove is set to strengthen its range to become even more progressive in 2023. Many of the developments will centre around being more sustainable, including using 30% recycled materials across the production of the glove range.

An instant hit

As well as boasting a range of quality protective
gloves, ClipGlove became a hit very quickly due to a first to market functionality,
with each pair of gloves being held together with a carabiner clip. This clip
enables gardeners to fasten the gloves onto a convenient place during and after
use. This solved that age old problem, of losing gloves around the garden with the
clever clip system.

Since Treadstone launched ClipGlove in 2019, the brand has gone from strength to strength, offering a broad range of protective gloves to use for garden and DIY jobs. More recently ClipGlove accessories have been added, with useful products such as bags, aprons, and tool belts to help gardeners whilst performing differing jobs at home and in the garden. These
accessories also include the clever carabiner clips, synonymous to the brand.

A match made in heaven – Performance & Sustainability

 Treadstone has grown the ClipGlove range to be listed in hundreds of Garden Centres in the UK and has also raised the brands portfolio by winning three BBC Gardener’s World ‘Best Buy’ product awards.

Now in 2023 customers can look forward to a more sustainable ClipGlove. This is because across the range it will now use 30% recycled materials, using materials in production that would normally go to waste. With the move to use more recycled materials in the range, ClipGlove are not only helping the UK’s gardeners and DIY enthusiasts keeping their hands protected but are helping the planet by reducing waste.

 As well as helping the environment, this move occurs without altering ClipGloves’ high-performance specification, upholding the Treadstone ‘QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE’ promise for their brands and products.

 Merchandising to grow sales

 The brands success has been fully backed up with excellent sell through rates and winning an industry GIMA award for the innovative ClipGlove “Spinner Stand” merchandiser. Now customers can take sales performance to a new level with the “Glove Station” merchandising concept.

 For existing customers this means they can upgrade their existing spinner by converting it to the new “Glove Station.” Keeping the spinner as the centrepiece, the glove station provides a permanent home for the fast-selling triple packs and an impactful endcap for seasonal glove
promotions. The “Glove Station” provides retailers and consumers with all their garden glove needs in one high impact, informative destination unit.

 If you are an existing customer interested in upgrading your Spinner stand or a retailer interested in stocking ClipGlove, Treadstone would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you, email Take a look at the Treadstone 2023 brochure (click here to view) for further information about their brands and products.