About Treadstone Safety

Treadstone Products is an innovative supplier of Safety gloves to multiple European markets.  Working in close partnership with some of the finest glove manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region allows us to provide an unrivalled selection of innovative products produced to exacting standards.

Our close business alliance not only allows us to supply a large portfolio of factory standard product, but has enabled us to develop a bespoke new range for the European market under the new Treadstone brand.

Our glove portfolio, manufactured in exceptional, modern facilities, includes a wide range of quality knitted, dipped and coated gloves, leather gloves, chemical gloves and disposables.

Our partner factories have the capacity to manufacture 1.2 billion pairs of gloves per annum and with investment in R&D, new yarn and coating plants, you can be confident in our ability to deliver quality, volume and innovation.

Appealing to discerning glove users and safety conscious employers in Agriculture, Government Agencies, Automotive, Aerospace, Food, Manufacturing and the Industrial PPE supply chain – Treadstone supplies products, service and support you can trust.”

This is a range of carefully created, high specification gloves for discerning industry professionals. Using the latest technology and manufacturing techniques at our brand new facility in Nantong, the Treadstone Pro range represents the height of safety, comfort and dexterity, for those who really care about their hands. Our ‘safety without compromise’ message was a strong infl uence in the design and development of this new range and with our innovative team working hard already on the ‘next generation’ of new fibres and coatings, the best may still, be yet to come.

A range featuring many of the old favourites, some still as popular today as they were in the 80’s. Manufactured in our own factories, using the latest modern techniques and meeting the latest EN standards, this range of gloves is enjoying a 21st century renaissance fulfilling the needs of those needing basic working gloves, at commercially viable prices. The great value hand protection essentials for modern Europe.

Spectrum-iD is a simple colour coded glove selection system. Whether you follow our own guide of Low Cut Risk (Red), Medium Cut Risk (Amber) or High Cut Risk (Green) or create your own site specific system, Spectum-iD makes glove selection much safer and easier for all concerned.

RazorPlex U2 is manufactured from raw HPPE materials in our own factory in Jiangsu Province and spun into some of the world’s fi nest cut resistant yarns. The range includes, basic HPPE, HPPE with steel, HPPE with mixed fi bres, such as Spandex, Cotton, Polyester. Our U2 configuration, is spun specially, to ensure a smooth and comfortable lining to each glove, with the colour coding on the outside surface. Quite brilliant.

Introducing Atom1c by RazorPlex. Incredible gloves made using our unique patented twin extrusion blend of nanotech “Graphene” composite yarns providing exceptional cut resistance. Featuring 18g cut D, 15g cut E and 13g cut F in a variety of palm coatings for maximum grip and performance, Atom1c by RazorPlex range is the ultimate cut resistant range of safety gloves.


Aramid fibres: Para Aramids, also referred to as ‘aromatic polyamides’, are approximately four times stronger than regular polyamides / nylons. The material is highly heat-resistant and is flame-resistant. Our series 300 features lightweight,
comfortable 15 gauge, cut E protection throughout. We offer nitrile and leather coating options to suit most applications. The gloves are supplemented by a range of sleeves for additional arm protection.